Where to get CHEAP monograms?


Wow how cute are monogrammed shirts, boots, headbands etc. But oh how ugly the price is. You want me to pay $40 for a shirt? No thanks! In my search of cheap monograms (a very long search) I finally have found out the perfect way to sport my initials everywhere! For starts my laptop wallpaper I made myself has my monogram initials that I made in paint. I used the font ‘KK monogram’ from dafont.com and I am sure you could print it out and come up with the best way to use it on other things like binders and notebooks. Also I purchased the monogram stickers for my car totaling at 7 dollars for the all three initials. But here is the good part and the one you all have been waiting for…. how to monogram your own shirt CHEAP! The infamous Etsy.com! They have pre-made monogrammed shirts that are just as pricey as other stores but you also have the option to buy iron-on monograms!  Some start at 2 dollars!!!! 2 dollars is such a steal for these! All you need is a shirt you want to iron it on and an iron! It was so easy and simple. The cost of purchasing the shirt and the monogram added up to be about 10 dollars all together. If you already have a shirt you want to monogram your total will be about 4 dollars if you buy the 2 dollar monogram! (I am including about a 2 dollar shipping) All you do is go to etsy and type in “Iron on monograms” pick the one you want and add it! When it asks if you have a note to send (You will see what i am talking about when you do this) its a little box you can type in and you just put what color you want and what initials you have (first, last, then middle) then you’re done! Just wait for it to ship to your house and voila a cheap monogrammed shirt! You could even put it on a sweater or vest if you were feeling fancy!


Is the Naked Palette Worth $50?


Urban Decay is known for their amazing line of “Naked” products that are raved about all over YouTube and other blogs. The real question is, “Is the Naked palette really worth 50 dollars?” In my opinion YES!!! Wow there is so much I could say about this Eye Shadow palette. These are colors you could use every single day whether it be a light day time look or a smokey night time look. The looks are endless! Although $50 dollars may seem like a lot there are many more pros than cons that out weigh this!

  • You receive 12 full size eye shadows worth 18 dollars each! If you bought them separate it would cost you 216 dollars.
  • You also receive an Urban Decay makeup brush inside the palette.
  • Lastly, you get a sample size of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion (which lasts forever).

I was given this palette as a gift for my 16th birthday (three years ago) and I have only hit pan on one color. The only reason I think I’ve hit pan is because the texture is more chunky and not as fine as the rest.

If you are looking for a gift for yourself, girlfriend, mom, sister etc. then i highly recommend the Naked Palette. I own the first two and the very first works better for warm undertones while the Naked 2 works better for cooler undertones. They have also recently released a Naked 3! The whole Naked line is just AMAZING! Image

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There is something about the color pink and a sale at Target that gives me power to make it through the day! I have always had a passion for makeup and beauty and anything girly! From a chevron pattern to a monogrammed sticker, it is just something I love! I am a 19 year old college student looking for a place to express my love for all things girly. Image